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Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

Gymnastics Photo Session

Step into the spotlight and let your gymnastics talent shine during our Gymnastics Photo Session, where every pose tells a story of strength, grace, and determination.

Join us as we celebrate the incredible dedication and achievements of our gymnasts. It's time to showcase their athleticism, artistry, and create beautiful images together.

This exclusive photoshoot is reserved for the SGA competition team and will take place right here at the gym on October 21, 2023


Our dynamic 10 or 20-minute sessions are loads of fun and result in artwork that you'll treasure forever. It's an opportunity to appreciate their talent and passion in the most memorable way.

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Sessions Choices

Options for every budget


Express Session

  • $50 sitting fee

  • 5-10 minute photoshoot with 2-3 poses

  • One digital image included in the fee

  • Option to upgrade and purchase all images at a discount


Mini Session

  • $100 sitting fee

  • 15-20 minute photoshoot with 5 or more poses

  • Three digital images included in the fee

  • Option to upgrade and purchase all images at a discount

Additional Options: You have the opportunity to revamp any image of your choosing into a captivating poster, incorporating a diverse range of special effects. These effects might include powder bursts, insignias, recent victories, and titles, thus trasnforning a photograph into a tribute to the athlete's accomplishments.

By Nina Merklina, Portrait Photographer

With a wealth of experience spanning more than a decade in the world of professional photography, my specialty lies in capturing the essence of people.


Yet, my heart has a soft spot for sports photography. Gymnastics, in particular, holds a special place due to my child's involvement in the sport. Join me in honoring the dedication, courage, athletic prowess, and artistic expression of our gymnasts!

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